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Exterior Drainage - NY

Is Your Drainage Problem Spiraling Out of Control?

Our yard drainage services are the solution in Buffalo, NY

If your land collects standing water, your home in the Buffalo, NY area could become unstable. Instead of risking serious property damage, ask Nickel City Home Service for a yard drainage solution. When you hire us for yard drainage services, will install a complete drainage system to get rid of standing water issues on your property.

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Say Goodbye to Lawn Damage with Yard Drainage

Get professional drainage services in Buffalo, NY

When you have drainage problems, water can pool in your yard and create ugly, swampy patches. Plus, if standing water remains in your yard for an extended period of time, it can:

  • Create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests
  • Lead to rot in the walls of your house, which in turn could attract termites
  • Kill your grass and other plants and eventually erode your topsoil

Reach out now to discover how our drainage services can keep your yard healthy in Buffalo, NY.

Exterior Drainage Systems

Common issues that plague many of our homes and yards in the Western New York area are soggy lawns, window wells full of water and standing water in our lawns.

If water is keeping you and your family from enjoying your lawn, or if you are tired of bathing your pets after they spend time outside, let Nickel City Home Service Inc. show you how these problems can be easily remedied by creating a well-planned yard drainage system.

Nickel City Home Service can install:

  • Perforated drainage systems
  • Downspout collections
  • Sump pump discharge pickups
  • Surface drains for standing water
  • Yard grading
  • Window well drainage
  • Bubbler systems
Exterior Drainage 2
Exterior Drainage


Nickel City Home Service Inc. is so confident in our exterior drainage systems and workmanship that we provide a 25 year transferable warranty on all of our exterior drainage systems.

To learn more about our waterproofing services and how Nickel City Home Service Inc. is the solution to all of your home’s interior waterproofing needs, contact us today!

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